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State Research Institute Centre for Innovative Medicine


Centre for Innovative Medicine is a highly convenient environment for research at all levels, starting from the basic molecular analysis and up to the patients.
  • Project Design
  • Bioanalytical services
  • Experiments
  • Products Development
  • In vitro models
    • Human and Mammalian Cell cultures
    • Human Stem Cells Cultures
    • Artificial Human Tissues (available artificial lung model, cartilage tissue models)
    • Diseases Biomodels (for testing new molecules or investigational new drugs, modeling their effects in cells, check the toxicity and dose-dependent effect, treatment strategy tests)
    • Biosensors for environmental research
  • In vivo models
    • Preclinical testing of new molecules or investigational new drugs
    • Safety and toxicology for chemicals
    • Animal species: Mouse, Rat, Guinea pig, Rabbit,, Dog, Minipig, Sheep, Transgenic mouse (immunodeficiency, oncological, arthritis models)
  • Stem Cells and Artificial Human Tissues R&D
  • Stem Cells and Artificial Human Tissues Services (cartilage, heart conduction system, lung)
  • Immunology
  • Medicine Technologies
    • Development of Medical Devices
    • Development of Operative and Invasive Medicine Methods (animal models)
  • Clinical Trials
We are looking for collaboration in EU and /or international research programs, such as Horizon2020, Eureka, Eurostars and others. We are looking for partnership from public or business biomedicine and life science sectors. Institute could be as well as partner in science programs (for example Horizon2020) or R&D services provider.

Institute have a infrastructure basis in biomedicine and life science research field:
- Open R&D center in biomedicine
- Experimental animals center
- Business incubator for small and medium enterprises from biomedicine and life science sector
- Life science museum
- Basis in University Hospital for clinical trials.
Institute have about 100 experienced researchers from biomedicine and life science field:
- medical doctors (rheumatologists, cardiologists, surgeons and others)
- biologists
- biophysics (light therapy, optics, medicine imaging field).
All of researchers have doctor degree, experience in international and EU scientific projects (FW6, FW7, Horizon2020 and others).
We are looking for mutually beneficial cooperation with scientific, public and business organisations.