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Biotechpharma, UAB


Contract service provider for biopharmaceuticals.

Biotechpharma is a Lithuania based private biotech company focused on contract research, process development and manufacturing in the area of recombinant proteins. Historically Lithuania has a good track record in developing recombinant proteins and bringing them to the worldwide markets. Biotechpharma was established in 2004 and developed into a well-equipped technology provider with an experienced scientific team capable to bring your protein of interest from gene to protein.

Currently, the company provides its clients a complete R&D platform to develop and optimize recombinant protein expression, recovery and purification technologies and analytical methods based on effective and well studied expression systems such as bacteria, yeast and mammalian cell lines.

Biotechpharma R&D has expertise in technology development for protein biopharmaceutical including analytical and bioanalytical development, process and methods validation, quality assurance and regulatory support. With regard to this Biotechpharma R&D provides contract services which cover Cloning and expression of target proteins, biosynthesis and purification, Analytical and bioanalytical support for in-process control and characterization of purified proteins, Formulation of API, Scale-up of developed process and its optimization, Production of target protein material for preclinical studies, Stability evaluation of API necessary to support program of tox studies.

Biotechpharma's technology platform may be easily segmented upon necessity for the development of biosimilar (follow-up) or innovative drug products with the emphasis on evaluation of critical process parameters, impurity profiling and clearance studies for process-added materials.