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Rephine Balticum


Development of yeast expression systems and synthesis of recombinant proteins in yeast

Rephine Balticum is an International Pharmaceutical Consultancy company based in Riga, Latvia.

We provide boutique Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Auditing, Training and Advisory services with expertise in human medicines, medical devices, food supplements, cosmetic products and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Years of experience of our consultants powered by the network of trustworthy cooperation partners around the Globe in various
areas of expertise – we are offering to our Clients comprehensive services in European Drug Development, Regulatory Affairs, Medical
Writing, Auditing, Strategic Planning, Training and Employment.

Rephine Balticum can manage all EU drug, food supplement, medical device and cosmetic product applications, renewals and variation
procedures regardless of the submission type.

We are proud of our collaboration with several official partners, including R&D Pharma, Pharmaceutical Training International, Actiofarma,
Obelis, Extedo and many others.

Amongst our latest achievements is successful delivery of EU accredited professional training programs in life sciences with specialised
topics in Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Cosmetics, GMP and GDP compliance, GMP and others.