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The ChromSword group is a leading provider of HPLC method development solutions for customers in the Life Science Research, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry. The ChromSword group provides analytical scientists worldwide with a range of software packages for computer assisted and fully automatic HPLC method development and support services.
ChromSwordAuto is unique fully automated HPLC method development software even for most complicated mixtures.
HPLC method development with ChromSword:
  • No previous method or data needed
  • Initial method created in only 1 hour
  • Special procedures for large molecules
  • All types of liquid chromatography supported
  • Procedures for detailed analysis of a sample and full profiling of all compounds
  • Significant savings of time and money for HPLC method development laboratories
ChromSwordAuto is the only tool on the market that provide fully automated HPLC method development. System control of instrument and analysis of each run is done automatically. Each run is used to make decision for conditions of next run in order to reach goal of full separation of a sample. It is possible to choose between analytical procedures depending on a goal and sample to deliver most effective and accurate results.