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  • 2012 05 28

    Shoshana Friedman emphasizes the importance of compliance with regulations from the very start

     Shoshana Friedman, President and CEO of Push‐Med LLC and Corporate Vice President Regulatory for Quality and Clinical Affairs at novoGI in Israel,  enjoys being constantly exposed to inventions and new technologies. „The challenge of tailoring the most suitable strategy and approach for a new company with a new product is exciting and makes my job really interesting“, she says.
    At the LSB2012 Conference Shoshana will be giving a lecture on QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS IN EARLY STAGE MEDICAL DEVICE COMPANIES. „In this session I will review the components of a Quality Management System...

  • 2012 05 24

    Prof. Avi Treves visited the Lithuanian stand at ILSI BioMed 2012

    Prof. Avi Treves, Deputy Director of the Cancer Research Center at the Sheba Medical Center in Israel, and one of the keynote speakers at the Life Sciences Baltics 2012 Conference, met with representatives of Lithuanian companies at the Lithuanian stand.
    In Lithuania Prof. Treves already collaborates with GK Clinic and with Dr. Dainius Characiejus, Deputy Director for Research at the Institutes of Immunology and of Oncology of Vilnius University.
    Prof. Treves looks forward to visiting Vilnius in September.

  • 2012 05 24

    Israeli companies expressed interest in cooperation possibilities with Lithuania at ILSI BioMed 2012 in Tel Aviv

    Around 6000 visitors from all over the world attend the ILSI BioMed exhibition every year. This year the Lithuanian combined stand received significant attention from representatives of Israeli companies, who were interested in cooperation possibilities with Lithuanian businesses and universities.

  • 2012 05 23

    Life Sciences Baltics 2012 was presented in ILSI BioMed exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel

    A special reception and seminar opened by Darius Degutis, Ambassador of Lithuania in Israel, attracted more than 40 participants. Companies and journalists from Israel, US, UK, and other parts of the world, were eager to know more about business opportunities in the Baltic region. The presentation given by Paulius Lukauskas, the Managing Director of Enterprise Lithuania, was met with applause.

  • 2012 05 21

    Managing Director of Leiden Bio Science Park looks forward to broadening her understanding of the Baltics' life sciences sector

    “In my job, being the Managing Director of Leiden Bio Science Park, my biggest joy is to connect several stakeholders in the life sciences cluster to ensure a further synergy and improvement of the park,” says Nettie Buitelaar when asked about what she likes best about her job.

    During her lecture at the LSB2012 Conference, she will illustrate how the leading life science cluster in the Netherlands, Leiden Bio Science Park, was developed.

  • 2012 05 17

    Over 80% of Lithuanian production exported to 80 countries

    Did you know, that the main export markets for Lithuanian life sciences sector products in 2011 were Sweden (21.1 % of total export or 58.3 M EUR); Germany (10.9 % or 30.2 M EUR); Italy (8.1 % or 22.4 M EUR); UK (6.7 % or 18.6 M EUR)? With annual growth of 20%, and over 80% of its production exported to 80 countries, Lithuania’s Biotechnology industry is one of the most advanced in all of Central and Eastern Europe.


  • 2012 05 16

    The number of Exhibition participants is rapidly growing

    Already 14 prominent companies and organizations operating in the Baltics‘ life sciences sector have signed up for the LSB2012 Exhibition where they will present their products and services. To mention a few:
    Thermo Fisher Scientific - the largest provider of scientific products and services in the world...

  • 2012 05 10

    Looking for business partners in the Baltics? Register for the B2B Partnership Event

    The first to eagerly register was Dr. Valentin Fulga, entrepreneur and executive with 20 years of experience in the Biopharmaceuticals and Medical Devices industry, currently President & CEO of Hemostemix, a Canadian-Israeli company with the mission to develop, manufacture and commercialize adult stem cell therapies to treat cardiovascular diseases currently considered incurable.

    Register for the B2B Partnership Event and don‘t miss your chance.

  • 2012 04 27

    Registration to the forum is now open!

    It is our pleasure to announce that registration to the international Life Sciences Baltics 2012 conference, which is held in Vilnius, Lithuania on September 12-14, is now open!
    Register here before May 31 and get the special Early Bird rates!

  • 2012 04 24

    Registration to the International Business Exhibition and B2B Partnership Event is Now Open

    Registration to the International Business Exhibition is now open. The first event of its kind, the Exhibition, taking place simultaneously with the International Conference "Life Sciences Baltics 2012", is an excellent one-stop-shop opportunity for exhibitors and visitors to meet major stakeholders of the Baltics’ Life Sciences industry, including associated manufacturers and service providers. Please find more information about the Exhibition and registration here.

    Take full advantage of "Life Sciences Baltics 2012" by participating in the B2B Partnership Event, also taking place on the Conference premises on September 12th. Please book your meetings here.