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  • 2016 03 14

    Every technology patented is a victory for Lithuanian science and business

    Biotechpharma, an independent biotechnological, pharmaceutical and biomedical research centre that has been operating for more than 12 years, creates new medications aimed at treating severe illnesses and contributes to the implementation of international projects. Dr. Vladas Algirdas Bumelis, the centre's director, emphasised that every technology created by the company is a step forward for the entire nation in business and science development.

  • 2016 03 10

    Lithuanian Scientist Among the Winners of Alpert Prize

    Five scientists, including Prof. Dr. Virginijus Siksnys, Chief Scientist and Head of Department of Protein-DNA Interactions at the Institute of Biotechnology of Vilnius university, share award for elucidating bacterial defense system and recognizing its utility for gene editing.

  • 2016 02 24

    Meet Linas Mažutis, who left Harvard for Lithuania

    The VU Institute of Biotechnology houses one of only few European laboratories in droplet microfluidics technology. The research being conducted there may help save millions of lives in the future. We would have no laboratory of microtechnology in Lithuania if it was not for the experience gained by researcher Linas Mažutis in prestigious universities abroad.  

  • 2016 02 23

    Life Science Startups Promote Lithuania Worldwide

    Every year, roughly 1,200 university and college students in Lithuania receive life science specialisations. Some of them become members of exceptional academic research projects, contributing to the country’s movement forward. Others join internationally successful startups or start their own. Last year, the Vilnius iGEM team of students from Vilnius University won gold at an international synthetic biology competition, several other startups made their first steps at the Life Science Baltics forum and achieved outstanding success – Vittamed, Integrated Optics and Biomė. Therefore, there is a reason to say that Lithuania is getting on the map as a European and international centre of high-tech innovation.

  • 2016 02 18

    KTU Is a Recognised Innovative University in Europe

    Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) has become a member of European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU), the network of innovation pioneers from 12 European countries and Mexico. According to the article, KTU is the only Lithuanian university in the Consortium.

  • 2016 02 12

    SANTAKA Valley - Centre for the Advanced Pharmaceutical and Health Technologies

    „Santaka“ hosts modern medical technology and pharmaceutical laboratories, which employ highly-skilled Lithuanian and foreign scientists conducting research in medical, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical fields. The center has a number of proven and internationally acknowledged advantages, such as open access to laboratories, quality of R&D activities, optimization of equipment needed for R&D development, efficient cost management, partnership between educational, scientific and business institutions.

  • 2016 02 12

    Targeted DNA code modification is a breakthrough in life sciences – achieved with the help of Lithuanian Scientists

    Plants with improved drought tolerance and disease resistance, hereditary diseases that no longer threaten people, solutions to infertility problems, immunity to infectious diseases. These are not opportunities for the distant future, but rather a few of the numerous possibilities that result from a discovery by Lithuanian scientists of a tool for genome editing that enables the “correction” of genetic mistakes and targeted genome changes.

  • 2016 02 09

    Researchers from Kaunas Universities Discovered the Possibility to Completely Restore Human Bones

    Biomedical startup company Biomė, founded by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) researchers, is offering a synthetic bone equivalent used for bone restoration operations in odontology. The bone equivalent Cell’in, created by Lithuanian researchers, is made from cellulose/hydroxyapatite composite. The analogical products in global market are usually created on the basis of synthetic polymers.

  • 2016 02 09

    Scientists confirm: There is no need to fear the “brain drain”

    Last year was particularly rich in transactions, awards and public recognition for experts and developers in life sciences. This has culminated in the opening of the Joint Life Sciences Centre in Vilnius. This centre will unite students and scientists from various fields, enabling them to implement Lithuanian and foreign scientific programmes and address challenges under one roof in a much better environment than ever before. What are the most serious challenges that specialists at the centre face? Do they have any concerns that gifted students may emigrate? 

  • 2015 12 10

    CEO of Lithuanian Startup Vittamed: US, Europe and Malaysia are Persuading Us to Build the First Plant There

    In Boston (US), there are about 500 life sciences startups which managed to secure investments, including neurodiagnostic equipment company Vittamed Corporation established by Lithuanians, announces the main Lithuanian news portal Delfi