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  • 2015 12 09

    Joint Life Sciences Centre established in Vilnius

    Joint Live Sciences Centre of Vilnius University which was established at the end of November, will operate on the basis of an agreement between three academic branch units – Institutes of Biochemistry and of Biotechnology and Faculty of Natural Sciences – on joint activities. 

  • 2015 12 09

    Thermo Fisher Scientific invests EUR 6.4 mln in new laboratory in Vilnius

    US corporation Thermo Fisher Scientific offering life sciences products and services opened a new aseptic processing laboratory on December 7th, in Vilnius, into which the investment of USD 7 million (EUR 6,42 million) was made.

  • 2015 10 28

    Emerging Cooperation To Boost European Life Sciences To The Next Level

    We are happy to announce that Enterprise Lithuania is collaborating with BioFIT’s organizers EUROSANTE in order to establish a long lasting relationship which will strengthen the overall development of life sciences industry in Europe. Bilateral cooperation within leading life sciences regions – Northern and Southern Europe – will provide a unique platform to foster the emergence of collaborative projects among academia, private and public institutions.

  • 2015 10 22

    Japan Declares Support To Lithuania’s Life Sciences Sector

    Delegation of Lithuania from Enterprise Lithuania and Ministry of Foreign Affairs signed Memorandum of Understanding with Japan Bioindustry Association last week. This document will certainly serve as the basis for more integral cooperation including participation of leading Japanese scientists, government representatives and businessmen to the Life Sciences Baltics 2016 forum, which is one of the key events in the Baltic Sea region. Support by Japan for the event is extremely important as it witnesses high standards and world-class level of the forum in Vilnius in 2016. Japan is one of the key export markets for Lithuania and one of the leading countries in life science worldwide.

  • 2015 09 15

    Sweden and Lithuania sign life sciences agreement at NLSDays

    Enterprise Lithuania and SwedenBIO, the Swedish Life Science Industry Organization, today announced the signing of at Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the Nordic Life Sciences Days meeting in Stockholm to facilitate collaboration between both the organizations and the countries’ life science research centres and industries.

  • 2015 08 24

    Lithuania Is On The Right Track: One Biotechnological Solution At The Time

    Lithuania’s scientific prowess has been rooted in its strategic concentration on Biotechnologies and Life Sciences ever since 1975. While today NASA tests the brand new Lithuanian device to see if this non-invasive pressure meter could help astronauts to deal with their vision problems, Israeli’s scientists cooperate with our specialists to create the new resistant antibacterial agents. Concentrating on the high-skilled, motivated young specialists and providing them with an access to a progressive educational system accelerated the creation of technologies for the use in sport, military, aerospace industry and even your own bedroom.

  • 2015 08 24

    Young, Innovative and Fearless Startup Lithuania Summer

    Recently the Startup data benchmarking company Compass has released its Global Startup Ecosystem Report which highlighted Silicon Valley and New York as the prime global cheerleaders among all the startup ecosystems. The report also noted that nowadays startups are immensely interconnected, and that today’s technology giants as well as tomorrow’s most disruptive and innovative technology more than ever depend on the new entrants – young, struggling but fearless organizations that are not afraid to take on the status quo. Many of such promising young startups already offering groundbreaking results are located in Lithuania, whose multiple competitive advantages and welcoming reforms unleash the country‘s full potential of becoming the world‘s next champion of the startup ecosystems.

  • 2014 09 19

    Lithuanian life science sector receives attention of leading countries in the field

    The Life Baltics Sciences 2014 forum (LSB 2014) starting today will be attended by delegations from leading countries in this field, invited by the Lithuanian Government.  Ministers and Vice-Ministers of the UAE, Oman, Israel and China, delegations from Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Switzerland, Germany and other countries have arrived at the forum.  The purpose of the event is to promote closer international cooperation between science and business in the fields of biotechnologies, medical equipment and devices and pharmacy.  

  • 2014 09 19

    The strongest European start-ups competed in Lithuania

    The Life Sciences Baltics 2014 international forum held at Litexpo Exhibition Centre, Vilnius hosted the final of the Intel Business Challenge Europe, during which five finalists were selected from over one hundred European start-ups, which will match strength at the global start-ups final to be held in Silicon Valley.

  • 2014 09 19

    We need to learn how to sell Lithuanian science

    For Lithuania to become a truly advanced state in the industry of life sciences, the vital task is to strengthen the relationship between science and business. This idea was prevailing in speeches delivered by the great majority of science and business representatives at the life sciences forum Life Sciences Baltics 2014.