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Domantas Ozerenskis

Sep 15, 12:00|Teva Hall

Innovative Programmable Drug Delivery Method for Arthroplasty Surgery

Materials engineer at Baltic Orthoservice

Domantas Ozerenskis is a materials engineer of human body implants company Baltic Orthoservice and a research scientist in Faculty of Physics of Vilnius University. He graduated in physics with final thesis in modern spectrometry field, but now his main scientific interest turned to material science and its application in manufacturing of medical devices, especially in endoprosthesis. His main experience from Baltic Orthoservice is engineering of materials suitable for biocompatible medical devices and management of R&D projects funded by the European Union. Combining his knowledge in physical sciences and experience in 3D printing of human body implants, Domantas is working on human body implants project that proposes to combine personalized implants with 3D printed trabecular structure filled with antibiotics encapsulated in polymeric microspheres allowing pre-operative planning of overall dose and release rate of antibiotics. Also, Domantas is deeply interested in dental technology, exclusively in personalized dental implants and possibilities of virtual presurgical planning in dentistry. He is leading executor of dental project dedicated to invent new dental prosthetic planning and production software that allows to design and manufacture personalized dental implants covered with dental restorations. In his free time, Domantas follows political trends and is really interested in current political situation in the world.