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Irene Rina Fermont, MD, MSc, EUQPPV

Sep 14, 12:10|Teva Hall

ISOP Israel’s Project to Address Public Health Issues Through a National Integrative Risk Management Plan

Founder and coordinator at Israeli Chapter of the International Society of Pharmacovigilance

A 20 years of experience in the field of Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management, with creation of  a large number  Pharmacovigilance departments /systems, either in industry or as a service provider.
Long dedication to training and education leading to the creation of the ISOP ISRAEL Chapter (International Society of Pharmacovigilance), coordinator of Advisory Board 
A two fold education, as physician specialised in Immuno -Haematology, and  a Master in Bioengineering.
Starting in Yvelines Blood Bank with the creation of the Bone Marrow graft and Hemovigilance Units, then joining the Industry as head of department , in Leo-France and in Alexion Europe .
Founding several companies, Biofusion, setup of turnkey blood banks and technology transfer, Shield RM consulting in  Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management, Risk and Partner, cofounder strategic consultancy ,and currently IFC in Jerusalem and London , strategic safety consulting.
 In CROs and CSOs , in Cetonia as Head of International Development organising a symposium on Risk Management in Tel Aviv in 2003, in ADDS, and international Consortium JSW-CI as VP, Pharmacovigilance, outsourcing the full PV system of a large number of companies, management of a PV team of 50 professionals.
Involved in several associations, working on new concepts: creation of the group Misuse and Medication errors , 1srt definition included in French Good Pharmacovigilance Practices, 13 years before the EU definition .
Founding member of the EU Qualified Persons for Pharmacovigilance, member of the scientific committee for the 1st forum,
Lectures in several congress among them :
-  ISOP (International Society of Pharmacovigilance) Amsterdam on Misuse in 2002,Budapest on  Immuno-Pharmacovigilance, Reims on Risk Management Plans, Liege on risk communication, Pisa  and Prague on Israeli Chapter
- DIA Whashington on signal detection and data mining, Barcelone scientific committee
- BIOMED, PDA Israel, CTrials, Israstem on EU regulation and Risk Management,
- BSMF : Sociedade Braseira de Medicina  Farmaceutica: guest lecturer Risk Management in Clinical Trials
- Israeli MOH : training in EU regulation on Advanced Therapies
- Tel Aviv University   Intensive Summer Course of Pharmaco-epidemiology and Pharmacovigilance; creation of the Risk Management Plan topic in the program course and lecturer - July 2014 
2016 – Awarded by French immigrants’ associations for outstanding contribution to Israel for pioneering and championing Pharmacovigilance in the country.