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Lumir Hanus

Sep 15, 9:00|Plenary Hall

Cannabis in medicine – why it happened in the 21st century?

Analytical chemist

Lumír Ondřej Hanuš is an analytical chemist. He works 46 years on Cannabis research and 26 years on endocannabinoids. He obtained his M.S. in analytical chemistry (1972), Ph.D. in analytical chemistry (1974) and associate professor in organic chemistry (1994) from Palacký University (Olomouc, Czech Republic) and his D.Sc. in pharmaceutical chemistry (1995) from Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic). He was doing research at Mississippi University (1978-1979), NIDDK, NIH (1997-1998), and NIAAA, NIH (2001-2002). In 1992, he and molecular pharmacologist William Devane discovered the first endocannabinoid (anandamide). He is a research fellow at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. He has been awarded among others Chemiae Doctor honoris causa (2007) and Medicinae Doctor honoris causa (2011).