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Vidmantas Petraitis, Dr.

Sep 14, 12:50|Teva Hall

25 Years of Experience and Future Directions of Bench-to-Bed Infectious Diseases Translational Research Disease Program of Cornell University against Multidrug Resistant Pathogens

Senior Research Associate in Medicine, MD, Transplantation-Oncology Infectious Diseases Program, Weill Cornell Medicine of Cornell University

Dr. Vidmantas Petraitis is the Senior Research Associate, Associate Director of the Laboratory Animal Facility and Director of Antimicrobial Pharmacology Unit in the Transplantation-Oncology Infectious Diseases Program at Weill Cornell Medicine of Cornell University. The translational research mission of this Program is to develop new strategies for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of life-threatening infections in immunocompromised children and adults.
Dr. Vidmantas Petraitis obtained his Medical degree in specialty of Surgeon-Traumatologist at Kaunas Medical Institute (now Lithuanian University of Health Sciences) in Kaunas, Lithuania.
He has been conducting translational research in infectious diseases with emphasis in the pharmacology of antimicrobial agents since 1996. He is involved in developing new strategies for pharmacodynamically rational methods for administration of existing antibacterial and antifungal agents, as well as new compounds in development. With 19 years of direct laboratory experience in experimental pharmacology, Dr. Petraitis has authored more than 50 publications in various peer-reviewed journals.
Dr. Vidmantas Petraitis is a member of the American Society for Microbiology and the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.